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SC 02: Fighting Malignant Growth of Inferiority Complex (IC), Self-pity (SP) and Depression

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    Day 1

    Theoretical aspects:

    Self-pity, depression and inferiority (3 suppressing complexes or 3SCs). The role of depression and its influence on the energy level and life richness.

    Distinctions and similarities between self-pity, inferiority and depression.

    Signs of depression. Signs of inferiority.

    Components of depression, self-pity and inferiority.

    Distinctive features of 3SCs’ influence on the energy level in contrast to that of aggressive NEs.

    Researches related to 3SCs.

    Hidden depression.

    Review of the ways people use to fight depression.

    Self-pity and inferiority as the complexes people are not used to fight.

    Progression of depression in connection with the social and technical progress.

    Change from passive to active stance as a way to fight depression.

    False image of oneself when changing the stance to the active one.


    Practical skills:

    Making the list of depression signs.

    Training of depression detection based on available signs.

    Changing of interpretations.

    Training of direct elimination of depression and self-pity components.

    Training of individual search for specific steps to change the passive stance to the active one.

    Disclosure of false image of oneself while changing the stance to an active one.


    Day 2

    Theoretical aspects:

    Role of beliefs in formation and support of depression.

    Examples of typical beliefs.

    Influence of the society on self-pity and disclosure of that influence.

    Self-pity and pity to someone else – two sides of the same coin.

    Importance of the process of changing interpretations and refusal to look for final interpretation.


    Practical skills:

    Making the list of beliefs to support self-pity and depression.

    Individual search for the most destructive beliefs.

    Application of the method of changing interpretations for the strongest NE triggers for self-pity.

    Storming of one position for each participant.

    Training of self-pity exaggeration.


    Day 3

    Theoretical aspects:

    Role of aggressive NEs in self-pity formation.

    Role of self-importance in experiencing self-pity.

    Influence of external displays on depression, self-pity and inferiority.

    Obstacles for eliminating self-pity, depression and inferiority.

    Role of self-pity in everyday life with examples.

    Hazard to life posed by 3SCs in different situations.

    Recessions while fighting depression and inferiority. Role of research in pulling out of recession.


    Practical skills:

    Training to reduce the importance of self-pity.

    Absurd actions as a way to fight self-pity.

    Practice of cultivating self-confident behaviour.

    Methods to fight the obstacles in elimination of self-pity and inferiority.

    Methods to identify negative consequences of self-pity in specific situations.

    Role playing.

    Method of managing recessions while fighting self-pity.

    Method to fight surges of self-pity using the “kick-back” and researches and observations.