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SС 01: Management of Certainties

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    Day 1


    Theoretical aspects:

    General concept about certainties.
    Blind certainties (BCs) and enlightened certainties (ECs).
    Role of BCs in maintaining ungrounded beliefs.
    Role of BCs in the process of self-destruction: “inevitability” of senility, diseases, dullness, poverty, decreasing richness of life, etc.
    Role of BCs in maintaining the current destructive way of life.
    Role of BCs in maintaining puppet existence of people, manipulation of them by politicians, corporations, etc.
    General principles of rational undermining BCs.
    Following the technique of Main Directions as the basic method for gradual elimination of BCs.

    Practical skills:

    Training of rational undermining of different BCs.
    Training to maintain ECs under psychological pressure from others.
    Identifying destructive components of your life entailed by BCs.


    Day 2


    Theoretical aspects:

    Repetitive change of a certainty

    Practical skills:

    Training of repetitive change of a certainty in different game situations.
    Writing the descriptions “what kind of person I am”, “what kind of person my wife/husband is”. Looking for BCs in this description with the help of instructors and other team members according to the technology of rational analysis.


    Day 3


    Theoretical aspects:

    The practice “not-rivers, not-mountains” without “squeezing out”.
    The effect of “merging” while falling asleep, and recommendations to increase the likelihood of experiencing this condition and its observing.
    Coexistence of mutually inconsistent BCs and influence of this effect on conceptual chaos and suppression of joyful wishes.
    The technology of creating multiple personality and its purpose.

    Practical skills:

    Training an alternative perception of the world around: creating non-standard differentiation on objects and concepts.
    Training the repetitive change of certainty in different game situations.
    Exercising in creation of the second personality.