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Selection or Selection of Attractive States (SAS) or Selection of Attractive Perceptions (SAP) – the method of self-development and achieving a happy life through elimination of negative emotions, misbeliefs, mechanical wishes, uncomfortable sensations and cultivation of enlightened perceptions, rational thinking, desires and interests, good health, etc, which is described here .

Bodh (Bodhi, Bo) – the author of the Selection (SAS), founder of Sympath Community, instructor of the SAS Courses (Russian).

Sympath Community – community of sympaths – people who have sympathy with the Selection of Attractive States (SAS), support Principles of Sympaths and communicate with other sympaths and sometimes with Bodh and the “refugees”.

The Refugees – “those who seek refuge from negative emotions” – the sympaths, who have more communications with Bodh and each other.

Fundamental courses – at these you will be taught and trained the basics of selection. Duration of each is 3 days for 5-7 hours a day.

Specialty courses are the ones covering some particular very important aspects of Selection. Duration of each is 3 days for 5-7 hours a day. You can take them after finishing three fundamental courses.

Qua-courses – from the word “quantum”, “small piece”. They are focused on certain important aspects of Selection, which can be adressed in one day. Duration of each is 1 day (5-8 hours).

Five categories of perceptions: emotions, thoughts, desires, sensations and certainties.

Enlightened perceptions (EPs) – pleasant feelings that can be called “true emotions”, such as: anticipation, joy, liking, sense of beauty, etc.

Negative emotions (NEs) – unpleasant feelings that can be called “emotional cancer”, such as: anxiety, anger, depression, boredom, etc.

Eliminating of NEs – at the moment of NE rising you simply draw your attention from this NE and shift it to something pleasant like liking to a dog, tenderness to a girl, anticipation of something interesting and enjoyable.

Negative background (NB) – slight negative emotions: uneasiness, anxiety, discontentment, self-pity, sadness, etc., which we experience constantly, like background to whatever we do.

Enlightened background (EB) – slight enlightened perceptions experienced continually during some period of time.

Enlightened trigger (ETr) – something resonating with enlightened perceptions.

Joyful wishes (JWs) – desires accompanied with anticipation, joy and interest. Experiencing and especially realizing them is very pleasant, one is itching to do it.

Mechanical wishes (MWs) – desires not accompanied by anticipation, which are brought about by various beliefs and fears.

Induced wish – a wish which once was experienced as a joyful one but now it isn’t, but you expect its realization would improve your state.

Spectrum – the map of your joyful wishes.

Belief or dogma is a groundless opinion or a set of opinions mechanically adopted, which a person usually refuses to analyze, aggressively defending it from any constructive criticism.

Certainty – the fifth type of basic perceptions which can be defined as distinguishing fixated in a specific way.

Blind certainties (BCs) – the ones not based on common sense or experience, which people are often unaware of.

Enlightened certainties (ECs) – the ones based on common sense and experience. They can also be formed by resonance between them and Enlightened Perceptions.