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FС 2: Joyful Wishes (JWs) and Mechanical Wishes (MWs)

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    General description

    There are two types of wishes which are as diametrically opposite to each other as negative emotions and enlightened perceptions, which are: joyful wishes and mechanical wishes.

    Joyful wishes are the wishes accompanied by anticipation, joy and interest. Experiencing and especially realizing them is very pleasant, one is itching to do it.

    Experiencing joyful wishes, thinking about them, talking about them, realizing them separately or together with someone is always very pleasant, it enlivens you, makes your life richer and more full and happy even in case you can’t realize them by some reason.

    Mechanical wishes are brought to life by only our dogmas and blind certainties that we “should” act in a specific way. That’s their huge and fundamental difference from joyful wishes and calling them “wishes” is very relative as when a person realizes them, he says “I want to do this” despite the fact that in reality he doesn’t want to do that, doesn’t feel any joy, anticipation, enthusiasm, and only experiences slackness, dumbness, irritation, sadness, feeling of wasted time because of the fact that he “has to want to do that and do that”.

    You can read the whole concept of the courses and ideas of Selection of Attractive States at “Our concept”.


    Specific skills you will learn

    You will learn fundamentals about this important part of psyche, and will also train how to:

    • identify suppressed wishes and bring them back to life
    • search for joyful wishes and tell them from mechanical ones
    • have more joyful wishes and feel them more intensely
    • detach wish from its realization (or fulfilment)
    • derive more energy from having wishes
    • be a leader
    • manage and research wishes
    • create support for a wish you want to have


    Course outline

    Day 1.

    Theoretical aspects:

    Examples of JWs and MWs and their influence on life.
    The distinction between JWs and MWs. The role of anticipation.
    Attributes of JWs and MWs. Signs of self-compulsion.
    Display of JWs and MWs.
    The list of obstacles for JWs search and realization.

    Practical skills:

    Training of JWs detection.
    Training to distinguish JWs and MWs.
    The scale of wishes’ intensity.
    Making the list of JWs.
    Training to find and eliminate obstacles for JWs search and realization.
    Making the list of MWs.
    Training to find arguments against MWs.


    Day 2.

    Theoretical aspects:

    Role of JWs in increasing the amount of energy.
    The need to use common sense when realizing JWs.
    Spectrum (the map of your JWs), division into major and minor wishes. Necessity of moving forward and knowing that the map will change. The role of spectrum in life richness level.
    Disabusing a participant of the illusion that he experiences plenty of JWs.
    Disabusing a participant of the illusion that she is incapable of experiencing JWs.
    Effect of fixed ideas on the emergence of MWs. Examples.

    Practical skills:

    Search and immediate realization of JWs. Recording of the result.
    Practice of JWs’ intensification.
    Analysis of a MW formed as a result of a fixed idea.
    Making individual spectrum.
    Division into major and minor wishes.


    Day 3.

    Theoretical aspects:

    Induced wishes.
    Methods to distinguish induced wishes from MWs.
    Dogmatic basis for some JWs and consequences of their realization.
    Competition of JWs and optimal activity in this condition.
    Restraining of JWs realization for achieving optimal level of life richness.
    The wish for exploration and learning – one of the basic human JWs, indispensable to achieve high level of life richness.
    The wish to create own personality – one of the basic JWs.

    Practical skills:

    Making the list of induced wishes.
    Training to defend your JWs against obstruction from the community.
    Brainstorming search of your wishes to overcome habitualness of JWs, including “cross-pollination” of wishes’ options.
    Training to restrain JWs.
    Training to detect and label small players in the arena of wishes.