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FС 1: Negative Emotions (NEs) and Enlightened Perceptions (EPs)

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    General description

    There’s no law of nature which obliges you to experience unpleasant perceptions and states. It sounds simple but in reality just a plain realization of this fact can turn your life over. You just don’t have to experience unpleasant states. First of all, it refers to negative emotions and the states, which consist of them.

    It is possible to manage perceptions and states, it is possible to select them, it is possible to practice the perceptions engineering, and that’s what you are going to learn during this course.

    There are perceptions we call “enlightened perceptions”, which are the ones that can be called “true emotions”. They are: liking, sense of beauty, anticipation, tenderness, and also a sense of mystery, aspiration, perseverance, gratitude, earnestness, joy and many, many more.

    A habit to experience enlightened perceptions is getting cultivated as well as we cultivate any other skill – by frequent repetitions and repetitive running through.

    You can read the whole concept of the courses and ideas of Selection of Attractive States in “Our concept”.


    Specific skills you will learn

    How to:

    • distinguish your perceptions
    • eliminate a negative emotion
    • cultivate and develop enlightened perceptions
    • increase your energy
    • manage life priorities, and which ones are important in terms of energy
    • apply engineering approach to your life
    • build up confidence
    • beat paralysis of perfectionism
    • feel more physical pleasure and get used to it
    • stay calm and focused when facing flattery or disapproval
    • analyse your inner dialog to uncover lingering problems
    • analyse recent situations to increase emotional awareness
    • adequately react to stressful situations
    • boost your creativity
    • stop chasing the future and live in the present


    Course outline

    Day 1.

    Theoretical aspects:

    The concept of energy in physics.
    The concept of psychical energy.
    Connection between perception of life richness and the energy concept.
    General idea of mainline directions of personality development; the evolutionary accumulation.
    Examples of NEs, negative background (NB) and their influence on life.
    The distinction between aggressive and suppressing NEs.
    Eliminating of NEs, techniques for NEs eliminating.
    The problem of getting used to NEs and NBs. Failure to recognize them.
    Interrupting sleep for elimination of NB.
    Distinction between suppression and elimination of NEs.
    Typical mistakes in eliminating NEs.
    Scientific researches related to NEs.
    The most destructive and hard-to-eliminate complexes: self-importance and inferiority.
    Jealousy complex and its specific complexity; reasons for it and ways to fight it.
    Depression complex and its specific complexity; reasons for it and ways to fight it.

    Practical skills:

    Training of NEs elimination.
    Training of distinguishing suppression and elimination of NEs.
    Individual approach to finding effective ways of NEs elimination.
    Scale of NEs intensity.


    Day 2.

    Theoretical aspects:

    Theory of enlightened perceptions (EPs).
    Examples of EPs and their effect on life.
    Enlightened background (EB) – general theory.
    Enlightened triggers (ETr).
    Disabusing a participant of the illusion that he experiences plenty of EPs.
    Disabusing a participant of the illusion that she is incapable of experiencing EPs.


    Practical skills:

    Discussing the results of sleep interruption.
    EP routine.
    Search of the most available EPs for every participant.
    Making the list of EPs.
    Creating the list of resonating descriptions and ETrs for every EP.


    Day 3.

    Repetitive perception of simple NEs – theory and practice.
    Repetitive perception of complicated NEs – theory and practice.
    Complex of self-condemnation and guilt and its elimination.
    Elimination of EPs – theory and practice.
    Group practicing of NEs bombardment and training of their elimination.
    Shades of EPs – theory.
    Theory and practice of EPs intensification
    Theory and practice of EB prolongation.
    Revealing of bottom “ingrown” NB and trials of its elimination.