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The best way to be happy

how to find happiness in life

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The best way to be happy

    When people feel some growing discomfort and emptiness of their lifes many of them start to look for the ways to regain happiness of life throwing themselves into the arms of yoga or religion. They assume pretentious positions, say magic words, talk to imaginable entities and ingeniously believe that it will stop them from suffering. Sometimes it does simply due to them getting certain that it would work and there’s some sort of psychological placebo. Yet, it’s usually just a monkey business as people don’t realize the underlying cause of their life getting derailed. Instead, the best way to make your life happy is to eliminate negative emotions, i.e. sadness, regret, anger, jealosy, anxiety, fear, self-pity, boredom, irritation, depression, etc, to overcome stereotypes and dullness, to tell apart joyful and mechanical wishes and cultivate enlightened perceptions and joyful wishes. At our courses we can teach you all these techniques to make your life happy.

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