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    Our psychological courses based on “Selection of attractive states” are personal development courses designed for those who want to live full life, who are interested in self-improvement.

    At the fundamental psychological course No1 we will teach you how to fight depression, how to help anxiety, how to manage stress and anger and other negative emotions and how to enjoy simple pleasures.

    The fundamental psychological course No2 will help you understand what you really want and to discern your true desires from unnecessary obligations. You will train to find out your interests and develop them step by step.

    During the fundamental psychological course No3 you will learn how to get rid of negative thoughts and think positively, how to cultivate common sense and logical thinking.

    Also at our psychological courses and special psychological classes we will help you improve self-confidence and build self-esteem, teach you how to improve your health, how to develop your sexuality and will give you much more psychological tips.