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Overcome death anxiety

how to deal with fear of dying

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Overcome death anxiety

    To get rid of the fear of death it is necessary, odd though it may seem, to start living! You need to fill your life with meaning and pleasant experience, to understand what you really live for. When your life becomes rich and interesting there will be no place to fear and anxiety in it. Fear is just a negative habit, and it can be easily replaced, for example, with anticipation of an exciting life. Fear will certainly go back to its place again and again, but if you eliminate it constantly, then eventually the habit to experience the anticipation will replace the habit to feel fear.

    So, step by step, you may not just get rid of the fear of dying and anxieties of any kind, but change your whole life in general. Detailed and simple instructions for replacing the unpleasant feelings by the pleasant ones are presented on this site.

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