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How to treat depression on your own

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How to treat depression on your own

    You often feel depressed and helpless? You think that there is nothing interesting and joyful in your life? Success and happiness of others cause you nothing but envy and irritation? Hence you are in depression.

    Depression is a habit of constantly experiencing negative emotions, the habit of indulging them and thinking that things can’t be any different. But depression is not an illness, where you need to be treated with psychotherapy and take pills, in most cases, people are able to deal with depression on their own.

    To do this, you need to break the habit to experience negative emotions, you need to train to replace what you don’t want to feel with pleasant feelings. For example, you can train to replace fear of the future with anticipation of the future, just thinking that you have something great before you and this “great” will certainly come. Since the fear of the future is a habit, it may come back in a minute even after a successful replacement, but if you continue to exercise, it will eventually give way to a new habit, the habit of awaiting something pleasant from the future.

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