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How to fight depression

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How to fight depression

    If you are haunted by different kinds of anxieties such as fear of future, fear of poverty, fear to lose your close ones, worries about your health, etc and you get annoyed by any attempts of people around you to give you advice – these are signs of depression or being close to it.

    Yet, depression is not a verdict and not necessarily an illness which forces you to take pills or go to see psychotherapist. In many cases you can get out of it on your own. Depression is a formed habit of experiencing negative emotions. Depression can be compared to other destructive habits such as tobacco, drug and alcohol addiction and is just as poisonous for your body, if not more.

    To fight depression you have to start training to replace unpleasant states by the ones you would like to experience right now. You can replace fear of future with anticipation of future and the only things you need are your wish and your training experience you gain minute after minute doing that. Being simply a habit which penetrated into your life so much, that fear will come back and displace the anticipation, but do it again and again and the habit of experiencing a pleasant state will outweigh. Step by step you can change your life for better and get rid of anxiety, depression and irritation for good.

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