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How to change your life for the better

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How to change your life for the better

    You have long felt that your life resembles Groundhog day? You have many times started a new life from Monday, new month, new year? Eventually, your plans for the future changed nothing, again and again you found yourself about where it all began. Good grades at school did not change your life, the diploma did not make you any happier. Relationships or marriage did not bring long-awaited satisfaction.
    It seems to you that “all is wrong”, that everything happening now is temporary; it is some period before something important and significant – something that you want to accomplish in your life. Only this period dragged on, and something important seems not to come.
    If you want to change your life for the better, you have to change your habits and yourself. You just get used to your way of life, get used to the boredom, dullness, apathy, self-pity, feeling of inferiority, helplessness and many other negative emotions in your life. The good news is that negative emotions can be eliminated and replaced with a pleasant and constructive state. For example, self-pity can be easily replaced by composure and decisiveness. All you need for this is your desire to do so.

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