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How can I control my emotions?

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How can I control my emotions?

    One of the worst mistakes is modern people thinking that it’s not them who are choosing to experience negative emotions, they think they are “forced” to experience them by other people or circumstances.  This is one hundred percent wrong and people believing in this concept are totally helpless, even those who want to get rid of negative emotions or at least some of them. Whether you have negative emotions or not depends only on you and on your efforts to get over this terrible habit.

    This concept might seem strange. You have gotten fired, your wife has left you, you’ve broken your leg – doesn’t that mean negative emotions should arise for sure? Imagine a situation when people react in a surprisingly morbid way to seemingly innocuous circumstances. Looking at the person you wonder what could have fired him up. Sometimes there’s a different example with you feeling anger at one moment and not feeling any at all under the same circumstances. Imagine someone has suddenly stepped on your foot while you are in good spirits and you regard this situation as a trifle. Being in bad spirits, on the other hand, will inevitably make you go ballistic.

    Hence it is illogical to talk about “causing” negative emotions as it depends entirely on your spirits. Join our Courses to learn how to control your emotions.

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