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    Within the last years it has been getting clearer for scientists that stress can become a strong killing factor for immune system, yet by “stress” they mean strong and long lasting bursts of negative emotions. So, to prevent and manage stress you should not allow negative emotions overwhelm you. The main method of stress management and keeping negative emotions under control is the technique called “elimination of negative emotions”. As soon as a negative emotion arises you simply draw your attention from it and shift to something pleasant like tenderness, anticipation, sense of beauty. You can master this technique at our fundamental course No1 Negative Emotions and Enlightened Perceptions which includes stress managenent classes.

    Another method of stress therapy is analysis of factors leading to stress. Perhaps you have too many responsibilities which you have taken against your free will and joyful wishes. You can learn to tell apart your genuine desires from those you don’t really want and need at our fundamental course No2 Joyful Wishes and Mechanical Wishes, and learn to get rid of unnessessary wishes.