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    Anger control or anger management training is part of the fundamental course No1 Negative Emotions (NEs) and Enlightened Perceptions (EPs). Anger management treatment, as well as treatment of other negative emotions (NEs) you want to keep under control is based on the ideas set forth in Selection of Attractive States.

    The basic method of treatment of your negative emotions such as anger, hatred, irritation, depression and many others is called “elimination of NE”. If you want to eliminate anger, you should do the following: at the moment of anger rising you simply draw your attention from this NE and shift it to something pleasant like liking to a girl, anticipation of something interesting, sense of beauty at evening sky. At our classes you will train how to do this elimination and become familiar with this most effective type of anger management.

    Besides this main technique of anger control there is some additional anger therapy such as examining your beliefs which support your habit to become angry and some other coaching, which you can train at our other courses.