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Selection of Attractive States Courses

“Selection of attractive states” courses are intended for those who want to learn how to live rich and full life, to build an interesting life step by step. The technique is based on the knowledge that negative emotions are the toxins which physically poison you and that they can be gradually replaced by pleasant feelings: tenderness, joy, anticipation, enthusiasm, resoluteness and many other perceptions and their complexes. As you cultivate them they become deeper, longer and more intensive. At the courses we will explain you in detail how to find and develop your desires and interests, free yourself from ungrounded beliefs and stupidity, cultivate common sense and logical thinking. You will learn how to eliminate “parasites of consciousness” – destructive certainties and how to replace them with evolutionary ones. You will learn how to remove uncomfortable or painful sensations, illnesses, and replace them with excellent health. The development of your sexuality, its deep comprehension is also an important area of self-improvement. The courses include also some practical skills building sessions. The course coverage and contents are presented too roughly and generally on this website, actually they are far wider and deeper. Practicing the “Selection”, described in detail in the textbook (see Bodhi.name), is a path of personal evolution, which you can follow by yourself. But if your life is too distorted and poisoned, you may find it very difficult to practice the Selection on a permanent basis on your own. In such a case the Selection courses can be a great support to you. After completing the fundamental courses you can take special courses clustered into two sets 3 courses each. After the special courses you can take two sets of QUA courses (3 pcs in one set).

Fundamental courses

3 fundamental courses, duration of each is 3 days for 5-7 hours a day.

Specialty courses

There are 13 specialty courses, each lasts 3 days


Certain very important aspects of Selection